Meet Mallory.



Mallory is a 25-year-old entrepreneur passionate about fitness, business, and spreading some smiles and knowledge.

In 2015, she started her own fitness apparel brand with partner Josh Reyes as a course in her final year of university.


Completing her degree in Carleton Journalism and Business as well as working a full-time and part-time job, Mallory and Josh launched into the world of e-commerce.

Since then, LVD Fitness has generated more than a million in sales and has since expanded to include media and marketing services for other passionate clients.

In everything she does, Mallory aims to have a greater impact and works to help others' change their lives and businesses for the better.


I've always been a hard worker and a hustler. I remember when I was in the half-day program in kindergarten, I would go in with my mom in the morning and help out in the office as a four-year old. 

My parents taught me I needed to earn things, so I worked hard in all of my classes and working jobs in the dance community growing up. I attended Carleton University in my hometown to go to the best journalism school in Canada. Also, because I knew I needed to save money by living at home for a few years. By the time I graduated, my resume was stacked with marketing experience in the B2B tech world. I landed a high-paying corporate job for a billion dollar company, after spending my university years exploring the world of startups. 

I admit I got suckered in for the paycheque and the benefits, and at the time, it really was the right call. Now, I'm happy to be free of passionless offices and boardroom politics, running my own business and travelling when and where I please. 


I grew up competing in dance.


I was the third born of three girls, and I needed to do every style of dance my sisters did combined...and then some.


I moved into pole fitness in university, and started going to the gym more, simply to be stronger for pole fitness.

I was lifting pretty heavy because my legs were strong from my dance background. Everyone kept asking me if i was a powerlifter, and I didn't really know what that meant.

I later learned what powerlifting was, and fell in love. I joined my university's team and competed in my first powerlifting meet of many.

Since then, I've expanded my journey in fitness to incorporate a more balanced approach to wellness.




I built a global six-figure business and it almost killed me. Now I help others build without burnout.

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