7 reasons to hire a business coach

I thought I would have been the last person on earth to hire a business coach.

I’m a strong, independent woman (cue the Destiny’s Child track), and I don’t need help. I’m resourceful, pretty damn smart if I do say so myself, and I could figure out anything they could teach me.

But then I started to get frustrated. I knew there were better ways to do things, and I knew I wanted more than one brain helping me get there.

And I’m not gonna lie...Sometimes doing it on your own is just freaking exhausting.

I said f*ck it, and I did it..

And here’s what I realized…

1. It’s okay to feel nervous about it

It’s like what your parents told you as a kid, if you’re nervous, it’s because you care.

It’s also because it’s really f*cking scary to put money into ANYTHING. You shouldn’t just do it blindly.

Feeling nervous about an investment doesn’t mean it is the wrong investment to make. We all get a gut feeling and it’s important to recognize: is my gut telling me this a bad idea or am I just asking myself ‘What if this doesn’t work out?’ When you break it down, we can all tell when our instincts are really kicking in for the better versus our self-doubt sneaking in and doubting our decisions.

If you’re still feeling really nervous about investing in a business coach, ask yourself how it would feel to keep going the way you are, and suddenly THAT seems really scary.

2. It’s not admitting defeat

“If I hire a coach or sign up for a program, it’s admitting I can’t do it on my own.” This was a big one for me.

And that’s simply not true.

It means you’re investing in getting there faster, more effectively, and with someone else in your corner when it gets hard. As a business owner, stopping your ego from getting in the way of your success will become a regular task. Sometimes it helps you land a strong partnership, get a great deal, earn some customers, or invest in something worthwhile.

When we try to do everything ourselves, we crash. Think of hiring a business coach like hiring a team member. You hire team members to make sure things are getting done as efficiently as possible, and a business coach offers this same value.

A business coach can help support you in your efforts, and even fill in the gaps to help you some serious hours of research and trial & error adventures.

3. It’ll come back to you

Yes, if you decide to take absolutely no action when working with a business coach, your investment will go to waste.

But most business coaches just won’t let that happen.

When you invest in a business coach, it should make you your money back and then some. It gets to the point where you don’t think twice about hiring one or extending your contract because the benefits are so obvious once you start!

If you’re signing up for a business coach, it’s because you’re ready to double down on yourself. A good business coach won’t take on any clients that aren’t ready to make sh*t happen. They would rather work with those that are passionate and action-oriented because it’s a win-win: they get to see their advice in action, they end up with a satisfied client, and they get a stellar case study out of it!

Don’t forget, business coaches are highly invested in seeing you win because their business relies on it. If you chat with a coach who doesn’t make you feel like they’re going to do all they can to help solve your problems, find one that does.

4. It’s an investment in more than your business

The biggest surprise when investing in your business is how much YOU grow as a person.

It sounds cheesy, but the biggest changes I’ve seen in myself and in my clients is how much they’ve changed as an individual.

We like to keep business and personal life separate, but the truth is you are one person. The insecurities you may hold from your past are often what dictate your decisions as a business owner. This means you are going to learn A LOT about yourself in the process of working with a business coach. These are the realizations that help you break through plateaus in your business, stay focused on reaching your goals, and even improving your state of life outside of your business.

5. It’s a reminder to work ON your business

There is just SO much to do as a business owner.

Answering emails, paying invoices, building products, and creating a strong brand. It all starts to add up.

Working with a business coach can serve as your ongoing reminder to work ON your business, and not just in it.

When we have day-to-day chaos, the projects that will generate new leads and grow our brand fall to the side. We’re too busy serving current customers to take a break, let alone to build further!

A business coach allows you to dedicate time to growth. They can provide you with specific takeaway tasks that will help you get there, and having them in your ear will keep you accountable to making sure you re-prioritize those kind of “grow your business” tasks.

6. New perspectives never hurt

Whether it’s working through an ethical dilemma or deciding on your business plan, having a new perspective never hurts.

Even the best business owners can use a second opinion. There are different types of business coaches and different times when you’ll need them. Sometimes you’ll want someone who’s done EXACTLY what you want to do with your business, other times you may want someone who’s done the exact OPPOSITE of you so you can see the flip side and find carryover that could change the game for you.

Sometimes you want a business coach who’s going to help you face some of your insecurities head on, and other times you’ll want a coach that’s strictly offering tactical approaches for your business.

There’s a time for all of it, and sometimes we need a mix all at once. Whether it’s the nitty gritty of your business or how your heart is feeling, a business coach can offer a different outlook.

7. You don’t know everything

I’m here to break it to you: you don’t know everything.

We’ve touched on it lightly, but it’s the hard truth. YOU DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING.

Making the mistake of thinking you can do it all because you know it all will slow down your growth and sometimes even kill your business.

If you’re feeling nervous about investing in a business coach, I feel you. I was in the exact same position as you.

But think of you and your business six months from now: Would you rather be streamlining your business, bringing in new clients, and feeling really clear about your strategy or do you want to be still going in circles? Do you want to spend another day watching Netflix because you just don’t know where to start or do you want to be literally amazed by how much better you feel? Do you want to be saying “heck yes” I’m doing the damn thing or “Hmm, should I hire a coach now?”

There’s no doubt about it: investing in a business coach is intimidating. But you’ll never find out what it can do for you until you do it.




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