Trying to hit your daily protein intake can be overwhelming, so I wanted to break down some simple ways of how to get more protein in your diet. These are a few of the daily hacks I use to help make sure I hit the protein I need to keep my body fuelled and my belly full.

Add protein to your coffee

Drinking coffee black can get pretty boring, so it's easy to turn to creamers, enhancers, and sweeteners to make your morning coffee more interesting. Try mixing your protein powder with some nut milk (or regular milk) and adding it to your coffee. You can use different protein flavours to keep it interesting, and it makes you feel good about the drink in your hand.

Depending on the size of your coffee, I do anywhere from 6g-16g of protein powder, mixed WELL with milk before adding it to my coffee. You can add a bit of milk, mix, and repeat until you're happy with the consistency of your protein powder blend. Once you're ready, throw it in your coffee and go conquer the day!

Start every day with breakfast ham

No matter what I'm having for breakfast on a given day, I always have three or four pieces of breakfast ham or back bacon to start my protein off strong. These are great options because they won't increase your carbs or fats by much, but it's a healthy serving of protein. For four pieces, you can often get around 20g of protein and only sacrifice a few carbs and fats.

If your day starts to fall apart and meals become harder, at least you've got yourself started on the right foot.

Turn protein shakes into hot chocolate

When you're just so sick of bland protein shakes that you can't take it anymore, try turning them into hot chocolate! This is an especially awesome treat for a stormy Tuesday or winter evening.

Mix your protein powder with any type of milk, just as you would for a regular protein shake. I use cashew milk since nut milks are extremely low calorie, but whatever you prefer!

Once it's all mixed, pour it into a coffee mug and heat it up for about a minute and a half. Make sure you stir it immediately when you take it out. You'll want to drink it somewhat fast compared to a regular hot chocolate to avoid the protein to start grouping. It's not a sit back and get cozy drink so much, but it definitely helps get the protein in and actually makes you feel like you've had a little cheat treat!

Protein-based goodies

Protein Pancakes

I love my protein pancakes because I can eat them for any meal whether it's breakfast, pre-workout, post-workout, lunch or dinner, and they always feel just right. Another bus to these protein pancakes is that they only require three ingredients, but you can really manipulate the ingredients based off the macros you want.

I like to use cashew milk, egg whites (or an egg), protein powder, PB2 and chocolate chips. You can check out my full recipe and explanation here.

Cookie in a Cup

This one is my extra special treat. It's so, so good and I really need to bring it back into my life more often. It's a perfect night cap if you can plan ahead, and is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth while finishing up your protein for the day.

Click here for the recipe!

Pumpkin Cookies

These awesome treats I learned from my dear friend, Maggie Morgan. They're super fun because a single serving usually amounts to about six cookies, which means you can spread them throughout your day if you like to snack, or you can heat them up at night and chow down. This is another treat where you can really customize it for your macros and your tastebuds - invest in some different flavours of Jell-O powder and protein powder, and your options are never ending!

Grab the full pumpkin protein cookie recipe here.

If you try to incorporate these tricks throughout your day, you'd be amazed how much further ahead you'll be. And the best part? You'll find yourself looking forward to it all instead of dreading another chicken breast or choking down another protein shake.