I've been getting a lot of inquiries for my protein pancakes in my Instagram stories, so I decided to share the recipe with you here!

It's one of my favourite go-tos because it has simple ingredients, it's easy to make, and best of all, it actually tastes like a treat!


¼ cup (67.5mL) Almond Milk

½ scoop (17g) Protein Powder (any flavour works!)

3 (110g) large egg whites (or 1 full egg - I prefer it with a real egg if you can spare the 5g of fat or don't track your macros!)


2 tbsp (12g) PB2 Protein (or any peanut butter!)

1 tbsp (15g) Chocolate chips


Greek Yogurt

1. Mix it all together

Simply mix your almond milk, protein powder and egg whites/egg (and PB2 if you choose to use it) all together. You can either whisk it with a fork or throw it in the magic bullet for 30 seconds.

2. Throw it in a pancake flipper

Pancake flippers are best because your pancakes will be a bit more liquid than normal pancakes, so it definitely makes a difference when you’re trying to flip them to cook evenly. If you don’t have one, try cooking it in a frying pan or throwing it in the oven!

3. Eat it for gains

Top it with some zero-cal maple syrup, your favourite fruit or a little light whipped cream. My favourite is sprinkling some extra PB2 crumbles, vanilla greek yogurt, and any berries I have in my fridge, but you can pretty well put anything you want on it and it will be delicious!

THE MACROS: 33p - 13c - 8f (with chocolate chips!)

Almond Milk: 0.25p | 0.25c | 0.63f

Protein Powder: 12.5p | 1.5c | 0.75f

Egg whites: 15p | 0.6c | 0f (Egg: 6p | 1c | 5f)

Total: 28p | 2c | 1f


PB2 Protein: 5p | 3c | 1.5f

1 tbsp (15g) Chocolate chips: 1p | 8c | 4.5f

If you give these a shot, be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can drool all over my phone!

Photo by Toa Heftiba