If anyone came out of 2020 victorious, it’s TikTok.

According to Oberlo, TikTok has more than 800 million active users worldwide, 90% of which use it on a daily basis.

Read that again. That means 720 million people use TikTok EVERY DAMN DAY.

So what does this mean for you and your business?

It means we’ve got a buttload of data to tell us where marketing is heading in 2021. And I’ve gone ahead and done the heavy lifting for you to tell you exactly what TikTok is teaching us about our own marketing.

Let’s get this one out of the way: Gen Z is a real market.

No matter how old that makes you feel. I’m sorry if this next fact makes you grab your pacemaker in shock or pause your '90s playlist but….Gen Z is about to make up 25% OF THE WORKFORCE. When did that happen?! Am I the only one sweating and pretending they’re still a bunch of middle schoolers playing with Snapchat filters? They’re sneaky little pals, aren’t they? The audacity to grow up while we weren’t looking. The takeaway: As much as it feels like the takeaway is realizing children born in 2001 are going to be old enough to be in the clubs after covid makes you want to curl into a ball and die, don’t underestimate the buying power of this generation. They’re here. They’re buying. And they care about what they’re buying more than any generation before them. Okay Mal, but does that mean now I have to cater all my content to my nieces and nephews?! No. Keep reading - I’ve got lots of reasons that will leave you feeling like you don’t need to start hitting the whoa and referencing your WAP.

Niche down takes on a new meaning.

The most overplayed but underused advice is to niche down. This time, I want you to take it in the most freeing sense possible. We officially live in a world where there are pockets on the internet for EVERYONE - no matter how weird, specific, and out there it feels.

  1. You no longer have to try to be everything to everyone. Truly, don’t. It’s annoying now and we are BEGGING you to stop being a Generic Gen to promote your business.

  2. There’s room for you at the table... AS LONG AS YOU SHOW UP AS YOURSELF. You will find your corner. You will make those sales. But only if you put on your blinders and focus on the people you really vibe with.

“Easy to say, but why do I feel this overwhelming pressure that to show up successfully online right now, I have to be shaking my hips and pointing at thin air?” Because you’re following, not leading.

If trends teach us anything it’s that trends are trends because they didn’t follow trends...you know?

Think about that: why did dancing become a trend? Because instead of focusing on the lip syncing back in Music.ly days, Charli D’Amelio started focusing on the dancing instead. Why did dancing and pointing to educate become a trend? Because someone saw dancing on the rise so they hopped on to find a way to make it work for themselves to educate and promote their business. Every trend starts because no one is doing it. That is your permission to stop following trends that don’t feel natural for you and start making your own. They don’t have to become viral trends, but they do have to allow you to show up in a way that actually aligns for you. If history has taught us anything, it’s that the memorable pieces are the big changes. The people we admire are not the ones who copied everyone before them. History (and your self esteem) is BEGGING you to do something differently. Let go of the need to follow trends, and follow your heart instead. (Yeah, I also squirmed writing that, but it was cute...I had to!)

We’re getting “here’s the optimal way to shave your booty hole” level of personal

The FYP (for you page) on TikTok is unlike any other platform - our feeds are focused on bringing us more of what we want to see, not just what the people we follow are posting. This is the exact OPPOSITE direction Instagram and Facebook is taking: constantly suggesting new people we should follow or ads for products we don’t want. It feels backwards to say, but by feeding us strangers’ content, it’s creating a more personal, connected experience. Because of this, we’ve seen an overwhelming opening on a global level. In other words, we’re saying bye felicia to the fake authenticity of “pouring out my heart”-style, “I woke up like this” perfectly posed posts on Instagram and we’re saying “hell ya” to the dark circles, embarrassing PJs, and ACTUAL real talk real talk. Need further confirmation? The surge of Clubhouse that’s happening as we speak.